Minister Ministry



Rev Mike Jones
2434 Allen Road
Effingham, SC 29541

"To Minister to others that they may more effectively Minister for Christ"

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Psalms 68:11)

Minister Ministry, Inc. Is a non-profit ministry incorporated in the State of South Carolina. Operations are sustained by free will gifts. Annual financial statements are provided to all contributors. All work is done by volunteers which means that all funds received are used for ministry and necessary office expenses.

Our Goal: To provide Biblical Information and Literature to as many people as possible, using as many methods as God provides, so that everyone possible can come to Know Christ as Savior and then Show Christ in their Changed Life.

Our Finances: This is a FAITH Ministry depending on God for provision. No materials are ever sold nor is any contribution expected from those who receive the materials. The ministry expands or contracts purely on the provision of God.
    No salaries are paid and operational expenses are kept as low as possible in order that all money received can be use to advance the work and word of God.
    A yearly Financial Statement is issued to all contributors detailing all expenditures and tax receipts are issued for all gifts received.

Our Methods: As funds become available, Bibles or other Christian literature is purchased and distributed to those whom it is felt will benefit the greatest from such material. Some materials are also printed and then distributed.
    Use is also made of Newspapers, Radio, TV, and the Internet as opportunity and funds become available. (Newspaper Publication Guidelines)
    Distribution is made without regard to race, religion, or national origin.

Our Officers:
Director- Rev Mike Jones- 2434 Allen Road, Effingham, S C 29541
    Assistant Director- Rev Rickey Evans- 3855 2nd Loop Rd, Conway, SC 29526
    Secretary/Treasurer- Mrs Paula Jones- 2434 Allen Road, Effingham, S. C. 29541

Some of the Ministries of


- Distributing Bibles in print and via audio

- Printing and distributing Christian Literature

- Purchasing and providing pastor help books and materials to new Pastors in order to help them get started right.

- Furnishing Bible help CDs to Christian Workers

- Helping Mission Churches with special projects

- Exposing people to Christian principles and precepts through Newspaper and Internet Devotional Articles

- Providing Information and Inspiration to Christians around the world by an ever increasing presence on the World Wide Web.

- Dispensing tracts and evangelistic materials in order to expose people to the need of turning from their sin and trusting Jesus Christ as Savior.

- Supplying materials to new converts to assist them in growing as a Christian.

- Actively looking for methods to encourage, edify, and enlighten Christian Workers in order to ease their burdens and expand their ministry.

- The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Psalms 68:11)