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The Following material is available to anyone requesting it. Simply E-MAIL me your address or write to (Rev Mike Jones, Minister Ministry, 2434 Allen Road,  Effingham, SC 29541) and I will sent you a complete set of books or any specific books you want (Up to 25 copies of each). (Your address will not be used for solicitation or given to others).

BIBLE STUDY BOOKS: (These are the Outlines and Study notes I used as I taught these books during the regular services of Grace FWB Church. Hopefully, they will help you in your Bible Study or in teaching this material at your Church or Bible Study Group)

Revelation: The Future Foretold

James: Faith on Trial

Nehemiah: Learning to Work and Worship Together

Prayer Book: A Practical Study on Why to pray and How to Pray

Old Testament Survey: A brief overview of each of the books of the Old Testament

12 Disciples: An extended look at each of the men whom Jesus called as His disciples.

   I write at least 2 newspaper columns each week. The "Miracle Message" series contains past newsletter articles. (My Name is spelled funny, "Mircheal", and the teachers would call me "Miracle" Jones. It made a good title for the Newspaper column when it began). Each page is a separate article. [CLICK HERE to view past newspaper devotional articles]

Miracle Messages Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Other books will be available soon.